The Integrity Commissioner is an independent officer of the Legislative Assembly of Nunavut. He provides advice to all members of the Legislative Assembly concerning their obligations under the Integrity Act. The Integrity Commissioner also conducts investigations and reviews of any alleged contraventions of the Integrity Act and reports his findings and recommendations to the Legislative Assembly.

The Honourable J. Edward (Ted) Richard is presently the Legislative Assembly Integrity Commissioner of Nunavut, having been appointed on the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly on September 9, 2013 for a term of five years.

On this website you will find information concerning the ethical responsibilities of MLAs and certain of their specific obligations under the Integrity Act such as avoiding conflict of interest and making certain public disclosures of their private interests. You will also find information regarding the role of the Integrity Commissioner in advising the MLAs on these responsibilities and obligations and on the process for investigating and reporting upon any alleged contravention of the Integrity Act by any MLA.

Also included on this website are links to the Integrity Act, to the Annual Reports of the Integrity Commissioner since 1999, and to the Integrity Commissioner’s formal Reports to the Legislative Assembly following allegations of contraventions of the Integrity Act by certain MLAs.